Back on the Market :: Marina (sold)

It is with mixed emotion that I list this piece for sale, again.  I refinished this dresser months ago and it quickly grabbed my heart - high up in the ranks of my all time favorites.  I originally painted this piece to sell, the first time around. I had several interested buyers right away.  Then, last minute I got cold feet and decided I couldn't let it go - so I did what I do best and redecorated. :)  I made room for it in our home and we used it as a buffet.  Oh the compliments it got!  

However, things are constantly changing in our Leisure Living household - and hubs has his eye on a different piece for that space.  {I have to let him win once in awhile, right?!}

So, enough said.  If anyone is interested, Marina is back on the market.  Email me for more info.
Here are a few new photos . . .



  1. That is one of my favorite pieces of yours...she will be hard to let go! I am constantly changing things up too though so I understand!
    Stacey :o)

  2. It's beautiful! The wood top looks so rustic! Did you stain it that way or leave it as you got it?

  3. I'm drooling. Marina is gorgeous. I know this piece will find a happy forever home. You're right, you do have to let the hubby win occasionally.